Embody Chicago
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Embody Chicago

You know when you’re driving in your car and you hear a kick-ass song come over the radio and all you want to do is bust a move. You don’t have the space to do it and even if you did, you wonder if you could really express all you are feeling inside you.

Your moves might be too much. You’re not sure if you’re doing it the ‘right’ way. And if anyone saw how you really want to move those gorgeous hips of yours, what would they think?

That’s why there is Embody.

Your soul has a dance. Your body has a dance.

You just need a safe space to let it out and be unapologetically you.

Embody is the place.

It’s where you get to try on ways of moving your body and expressing yourself that make you feel completely empowered, vibrant, and free. Just like the woman you are created to be.

At Embody you get to dance your way into oblivion like nobody’s watching… because nobody is.

We get down to everything from house beats to Jay-Z to feel good top 40 songs (but you know, only the good ones!).

Finally, a dance class that meets you where you are.

Get your ticket to EMBODY.

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iaedp Wellness Happy Hour Summer Social
6:00 PM18:00

iaedp Wellness Happy Hour Summer Social

Join us at our annual summer social!

Come practice a little self-care after work and connect with other professionals in the community as we raise awareness for efficacy in the care of individuals with eating disorders.

This year's event will be held at the House of Movement where we will be providing yoga classes as well as dance-movement classes through Embody for those interested in participating in movement sessions.

Light bites from DIRT Eat Clean and other restaurants will be provided as well as wine.


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You love music. You love gettin’ down. You love the buzz from sweating out your emotions and expressing through your body. 

Whether you've been dancing professionally for years, or alone in your bedroom or shower - 

There Is A Part Of You That Is BEGGING To Be SET FREE.

Embody is a space for women to discover their soul's dance, to explore all parts of themselves through uninhibited un-choreographed dance. Because we believe that we can only tap into our full potential and power when we are connected to all parts of ourselves.

Join me for an empowering and freeing women’s only dance-movement class that allows you space to just be YOU.

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